Apple’s Junk Drawer

By October 29, 2016Apple

It’s rare that I find myself poking around in the Launchpad on my Mac, but when I do, I’m reminded that Apple has an iOS Junk Drawer of apps and utilities that are rarely accessed unless opened by other system functions.

Apple's Junk Drawer

Look at all the apps you’ll barely use.


In this junk drawer of apps, I’m only really using the following (and mostly in the background):

  • QuickTime Player
  • Time Machine
  • Font Book
  • Terminal
  • Activity Monitor
  • Console
  • Keychain Access
  • Disk Utility

Why is Chess still shipping? And the DVD Player — Apple doesn’t sell optical drives on their Macs anymore. I remember using Stickies with OS 9, but I’ve combined Stickes and TextEdit into Notes because it’s cross-platform (macOS/iOS).

I find it interesting that the same concept of stuffing unused items into a folder is the same on macOS and iOS. That’s one way that the two systems are being brought closer together.

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