Stephen Bolen v6

By February 10, 2018General

That sound? Yeah, that’s me redesigning my website for the 6th time (that I can remember, anyway).

I’ve had this domain for a while – June 20, 2007, to be exact – and, before that, had a combination of and as a general catch-all for early-stage shitposting. Those domains go back to at least 2002 and they aren’t counted in the milestone versioning I’m using now.

A note about accessibility

I wanted to ensure that this redesign was, at a minimum, WCAG AA+ compliant. This is the minimum contrast ratio recommended by ISO-9241-3 and ANSI-HFES-100-1988 for standard text and normal vision. The contrast ratio for text and on-screen items must be greater than 3.0

The body text is AAA compliant with a 15.43 ratio:Text contrast ratio of 15.43The accent/link text is AA+ compliant with a 4.30 ratio:
Accent text ratio of 4.30

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