Send the tab to a logged-in device

Send the tab to a logged-in device

August Reading is the second installment of my new monthly feature. I find interesting links on the internet and post them here with some light commentary.

This month, I started a new workflow that seems to be doing a-o-k. I’ll find links on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pocket, and Reddit and, as a logged-in Firefox user, send them to my iMac for inclusion and formatting.

It seems to be working pretty well — and, I’m now fully bought-in to the Firefox ecosystem. Their privacy-focused/privacy-first policies are just what I’m looking for. If you’ve been sleeping in Firefox for whatever reason, you should at least give it a try!

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  • WeWork is the latest example of a company failing up. If you’re not familiar, WeWork is an office subleasing company on steroids, subsidized mostly by VC funds  – in other words, not super viable. This was made apparent in their IPO filing paperwork.
    • In short, everything about WeWork is utterly odd. It is a real estate company valued like a tech company. It is a young company with questionable economics that has committed to paying tens of billions of dollars in future years for office building leases. This is a company whose intricate relationships with its chief executive requires 10 pages of disclosures. And this may be the first time I’ve seen an IPO filing with a section titled “Expected Resilience in a Downturn.”
  • St. Louis Public Radio has an awesome story about a young African American entrepreneur who wants to inspire young black boys through business. It’s a really awesome story:
    • Last October, the 11-year-old turned his interest in cars into an air freshener and deodorizer business called Mr. Fresh. Joshua said his product can make anything fresh, including the inside of a car and fabrics at home. For $7 a pop, each portable glass spray bottle has its own unique scent and color from Black Ice and Cool Breeze to Yellow Rose and Baby Powder.
  • Maine is in trouble, and a harbinger of what’s to come across the United States. The Washington Post reports on the Elder Boom in Maine:
    • Across Maine, families like the Flahertys are being hammered by two slow-moving demographic forces — the growth of the retirement population and a simultaneous decline in young workers — that have been exacerbated by a national worker shortage pushing up the cost of labor.
  • No city government asked Lime / Bird / Jump / etc. to infect their city sidewalks with scooters, but now, with Hurricane Dorian bearing down on Miami, there’s now a fear that Dockless Scooters will be projectiles.


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