2021 St. Louis Pen Show “Meet Me In St. Louis” - KWZ Inks

New Ink Day brings me a beautiful green ink from KWZ, custom-made for the 2021 St. Louis Pen Show & Penmanship Expo. Available for an hour window (or until sold out) each Friday of the (virtual) pen show, the KWZ ink was a hot commodity.

And, at $18 for 7.7 ounces of beautiful, custom green ink, you can only imagine how quickly it sold!

Initial Impressions

A few weeks ago, I received a Hongdian Forest fountain pen. In that review, I mentioned that the quality – for $15! – was pretty good, but was curious how it would stack up against a Kaweco Sport. Well, I didn’t own a Kaweco Sport, so I remedied that with an order from JetPens. (I had also purchased a pen bag to carry my pens to/from the office, once we return in October. A post for both the Kaweco Sport + Beiios bag is coming soon.)

I inked the Kaweco Sport <M> with the KWZ Meet Me In St. Louis ink and took it for a stroll on a Rhodia grid notepad.

The Kaweco Sport really took to this ink and it flowed generously on the Rhodia’s 80gsm vellum paper. It has little bleed and low feathering on all paper I’ve tried — Clairfontane 90gsm, APICA 86.5gsm, etc. – and wasn’t at any point too wet. As a right-hander, I didn’t experience much smudging (but you lefties out there may have a completely different experience), so I’d say the dry-time on the ink is normal.

Overall, I really enjoyed my first KWZ Ink purchase, and it won’t be my last.