Ranga Model 3 Premium Ebonite Fountain Pen

New Pen Day brings me two new fountain pens – a Ranga Model 3 and a throw-in Fellowship 142-HT demonstrator. As someone still relatively new to the world of fountain pens, I had never heard of Ranga Pens until relatively recently, but after unpacking and inking, I’m so glad I did!

Ordering the Ranga Model 3 could be handled in one of two ways:

  1. Directly from the Ranga Pens website for stock colors/nib combinations;
  2. Fill out a Google Form with your specifications for a custom pen (found via the Ranga Pens Facebook page)

I picked option 2 – I wanted a specific ebonite color combination with a Jowo Medium Nib.

Initial Impressions

New Pen Day also means “New Learning Day” — this was my first ebonite and first hand-crafted pen. I had been emailing with Kandan.M.P. From Ranga Pens about my order, and he was kind enough to send me a video about the manufacturing process:

As made clear by the above video, this pen was lovingly made by a master craftsman. The pen has a good heft to it, and feels great in the hand, even when posted.

The pen has a Schmidt converter and Jowo Steel #6 Chrome (mono) Nib. I inked the pen with Diamine Aurora Borealis (teal). It writes beautifully in block caps and cursive/script. Even my rapid-fire chicken scratch is no match for this beauty.

Ok, let’s talk cost: all-in costs for the Ranga Model 3 were $89, which included DHL Shipping from India. This is now the most expensive pen in my collection (as of this writing).

Because I’m still working remotely through this pandemic and only expected to return to the office one or two days per week, I’ll likely keep the Ranga Model 3 at home rather than transport it to/from work in my Pen Case.  After all, the Model 3 went on quite the journey to get to me: from a stick of Ebonite to a Pen, from India to the Midwest of the United States. I don’t want anything to happen to it in transit!