Stephen Bolen

Award-winning User Experience, Customer Research, and Product Design Leader

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Stephen Bolen

Stephen is a Senior Experience Designer with over 18 years of experience in user research, interface design, and management of complex applications and services for Fortune 500 clients and the United States Department of Defense. Currently, Stephen is a Director of Customer Experience & Engagement at Mastercard, where he is responsible for partnering with senior executives and product decision makers to align a broad user experience vision and strategy across the company.

Previously, Stephen was the Director of Digital Operations at Emerson, where he was responsible for defining the customer experience and driving business and user requirements for Emerson’s $6 billion Commercial and Residential Solutions businesses. Prior, he was the User Experience Leader responsible for the experience design of Sensi, a top-rated Wi-Fi thermostat on Amazon and winner of the 2016 J.D. Power Smart Thermostat Satisfaction Award.

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Stephen with JD Power Award


Nick Bond

Nicholas Bond, Creative Director

Quick with a joke as well as a professional answer, Stephen made every day at work something to look forward to. Because he was so easy going and buoyant, he got along famously with colleagues in all departments, from the delivery guy to the owner of the company and everyone in-between.

John Sullivan

John Sullivan, Sr. UX Lead

Stephen was fantastic to work with forward-thinking ideas, constant positive enthusiasm, an excellent eye for design from 10,000 ft to fit-and-finish, remarkable interpersonal relationships, and was an all-around fun person to have around.

Jeff Stevenson

Jeff Stevenson, VP, Pre-Sales

… perhaps more important is Stephen’s casual approach. He is able to handle large workloads and tight deadlines while also being innovative, yet he maintains one fo the best attitudes I’ve seen. It was refreshing.