Conservative parents are now trying to ban eBooks/eReader apps

Jesus fucking Christ, these people. Via NBC News:

E-reader apps that became a lifeline for students during the pandemic are now in the crossfire of a culture war raging over books in schools and public libraries.

As it if wasn't enough to try and ban books in school libraries, now they're going after public libraries and eReader apps like OverDrive and my favorite, Hoopla.

“It’s not enough to take a book off the shelf,” she said. “Now they want to filter electronic materials that have made it possible for so many people to have access to literature and information they’ve never been able to access before.”

Lingering questions

I use Hoopla a lot – a free service provided by my public library that provides me with digital access to eBooks, audiobooks, new music, comic books, and other content. I listen to audiobooks on my work commute, while doing yardwork/house work, and sometimes in the evenings when trying to unwind.

I have two questions:

  1. Will this push to ban content affect my ability to access what I want?
  2. Why can't the party of personal responsibility take personal responsibility to prevent their children from viewing content they deem questionable?

Why make everyone suffer because a book mentions a same-sex couple or America's original sin of Slavery?

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