D&D Academies

The Information's Weekend Edition has a great post about the latest trend in EdTech - Dungeons & Dragons Academies:

Live from his home dungeon in Orem, Utah, Dax Levine called class into session one recent Wednesday evening. “People pay me to find creative ways to murder them,” he told the 10 students who had logged into Zoom. They were there to engage in the night’s lecture on “Conflict-Driven Characters,” just one of the courses offered at Levine’s one-year-old Dungeon Master University.

I'm fortuante to be in a player group led by some very strong Dungeon Masters and storytellers. I came back to D&D after a 20+ year break and into the same group from High School who were looking to reconnect and play after starting families.

We started in person, playing once per month on a Saturday for upwards of 6 hours per session. Then, COVID-19 hit and we moved remote with Roll20 and Discord and moved to weekly Wednesday evening sessions.

I say this in complete honesty: D&D has saved my mental health during Quarantine.

Travis Willingham from Critical Role thickening a plot.
Critical Role was also a great distraction

Go get a great DM like Jonathan, Frank, or Matt and never let them go.

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