Doubling Down in Missouri

I'm convinced that Missouri has the absolute dumbest elected officials in the whole country. We're talking rock dumb, here.

Our Governor, Mike Parson, finds himself in a hole and only wants to keep digging. The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch's Jacob Barker reports on Parson's extraordinarily dumb, self-inflicted wound that he can't stop picking:

Speaking at a business ribbon-cutting event in St. Louis, Parson said he still had questions about the Post-Dispatch and reporter Josh Renaud’s discovery that teachers’ Social Security numbers could be exposed to the public due to flaws on a website maintained by the state’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

“Why did you take people’s personal information out?” Parson said to reporters after the ceremony. “If you just wanted to disclose there’s a problem, OK, you could have done that without taking anybody’s personal information. That’s where the real problem is, and I think the answer still has to be said: Where’s that information at? What’d they do with those people’s personal information? We don’t know.”

I think I've got this figured out:

Venn diagram of Mike Parson (L), Right Clicks (M), and NFT Investors (R)
In the end, everyone's just mad at the Right Click Mafia.
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