France bans short-haul flights where a train alternative of 2.5 hours or less exists

While I'm thankful that this ban can legally exist, it's a far cry from what was originally proposed:

The ban was originally put forward by a Citizen’s Convention that suggested all flights should be banned if there is a 6-hour train journey available, which would have banned more flights. The Convention was convened by President Macron after the Yellow Vest ‘Gilet Jaune’ protests against social inequality.

The ban doesn’t cover private jets, something that environmentalists are campaigning heavily for in France. A lot of private jet journeys are taken in the country—the most frequent private jet trip in 2022 was between Paris and Nice, consuming four times more carbon per person than a commercial flight and 800 times more than the train, according to Le Monde.

Still, though, I can't let good be the enemy of great. I hope that this ban is gradually expanded as the appetite for taking more direct climate action grows.

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