Gen X is the Trumpiest generation

Oh, goddamnit:

While voters have historically tended to be more conservative as they age, that has accelerated with Generation X. In fact, Tom Bonier, the CEO of TargetSmart, a Democratic data firm, told me that Generation X has now become the most conservative generation, surpassing the Boomers in their rightward tilt.

I cannot fathom that my generation - the one that that gave us the fucking internet and Pearl Jam - is donning red caps and fascism. The slacker generation. Latchkey kids! And we're goose-stepping in line with quite possibly the dumbest person to ever win a presidential election.

Voting age demographics to the rescue

I'm waiting with baited breath for Boomers to loosen their iron grip on power in the United States. I would love to see younger, more progressive Millennials and Gen Z candidates run for - and win - office to displace the Boomer dinosaurs and Gen X dead-enders.

Looking at the U.S. population chart below, there's reason for optimism (if everyone of voting age actually goes to the polls on a regular basis). At 64.95 million, Gen X is dwarfed by their children's - and grandchildren's - generation. As boomers & the silent generation continue to die off, voting power will naturally shift downward to younger generations, and the numbers don't necessarily favor Gen X, as they are 46.6% the size of Millennials and Gen Z combined.

Statistic: Resident population in the United States in 2020, by generation (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

My sincere hope is that our children and children's children can help us overcome the brain rot of Gen X, who, for some odd reason, looked at Fascism, shrugged, and decided to be like their parents.

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