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Facebook's parent company, Meta, is circling the drain.

Here's an article from earlier today about Meta's stock free-fall:

Meta’s stock continued to plummet Monday, adding another 5% to what is now a 27% drop in the last week since the company’s disappointing Q4 earnings.

After shedding more than $230 billion of its market value in the last week, its valuation is less than a quarter of Apple’s $2.8 trillion market cap. Meta went down in history last Thursday for the biggest one-day crash in the stock market.

It was so bad, billionaire ghoul / fascist Peter Thiel sold off 80% of his Meta holdings:

The billionaire sold 53,602 shares, trimming his holdings by about 81%. Thiel, a member of Facebook's board of directors, cashed in most of his stake in 2012 after the company's post-IPO lockup period expired.

Here's the 5-day chart of $FB performance, via Google Finance:

It's only a matter of time, folks. Zuck is on the ropes!

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