Roblox in-game currency is worth more than the Russian Ruble

I'm not going to post about Russia's aggressive stance and incursion into Ukraine – I'm not an expert by any means. You're best served not reading me, but one of the many reporters on the ground, with up-to-the-minute updates.

So, rather than post about something where I'm way out of my depth, I'll just shitpost about how the Ruble is worth less than Roblox's Robux in-game currency.

The math checks out

As of right now (22:52 UTC / 4:52 PM Central Standard Time), the Ruble is worth $0.01196 USD:

Chart of the Ruble to US dollar.
Taking a look at this chart, can you guess when the West implemented sanctions?

Robux is not subject to currency fluxcuations, and has held an exchange rate of 0.0125 USD. My kids are happy.

For fun, I thought I'd graph out the historical RUB to USD rates and overlay the steady Robux value. It looks like this:

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