The great Reddit diaspora

I've been a Reddit user for 13 years and 10 months. In that time, I've discovered some really great communities centered around climate action, electric vehicles, and sustainability / sustainable living. I've been able to discuss soccer, hockey, and baseball with fans of my teams / fans of the leagues I follow, and have been able to set up a pretty capable smart home with advice gleaned from a few communities.

But, because all good things must come to an end, Reddit has decided to take the Elon Musk / Twitter approach to killing their community and have put the pursuit of IPO dollars over all else. In this case, the cost of 3rd party API access to make the Reddit experience actually enjoyable.

You can watch a Twitch livestream of the subreddits that are going dark here:

If you're looking to delete your Reddit content, there's a great Chrome / Edge plugin: Nuke Reddit History. I'm running it now and it's deleting all of my posts and comments. It can only batch in a few at a time, but it'll:

  1. Edit your posts to include some non-sequitor
  2. Delete it afterwards

Sad to go, but Reddit flew too close to the sun. I'll figure out something else to do with my time!

A user profile for /u/stephenbolen, which shows 19,693 karma and a cake day of August 21, 2009
My 14 year-old Reddit Profile.
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