With MLS Stadium, St. Louis Aims to Revive Struggling Downtown

Bloomberg has a great article on the revitalization of our downtown west neighborhoods with the addition of our soccer-specific MLS Stadium (CITYPARK).

There's a lot to love about CITYPARK and St. Louis CITY SC:

  1. The stadium was mostly privately funded.
  2. The stadium site pays homage to Mill Creek Valley, which was bulldozed long ago.
  3. The stadium was thoughtfully designed to fit into the neighborhood at street level (with the pitch below street level) as to not disrupt the skyline with a large eyesore.
  4. The area around the stadium is incredibly walkable, and local businesses are popping up all over to support.
  5. The matches are fun as hell, and easy to get to via Metrolink/public transit.
St. Louis Fills a Downtown Void With Soccer
The $450 million MLS stadium CityPark aims to restore a patch of the city that mid-20th-century urban renewal policies all but destroyed.
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