Coal to crypto

I just can't wrap my head around how much damage Bitcoin is doing to the planet. It's terrible.

From a new Thomson Reuters Foundation article about Bitcoin in Appalachia, and one VC's quest to rape the Earth for profit:

"We own a money-printing machine," Rogers said, gazing at a tangle of power lines which descend the steep hills and connect to a pair of rusted old buildings, where his team is installing rows of Chinese-made bitcoin-mining computers.

"We're building our own Fort Knox," he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

When the planned construction is done, the facility will create up to three bitcoins per day - worth over $100,000, all the while sucking more power than all the houses in Belfry combined, based on estimates from Blockware Solutions.

And how is this mining operation powered, you ask? Through renewables? Hell, no. It's all Kentucky Coal. Dirty energy.

The planet is doomed.


I have a Twitter thread about this article posted here:

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