USPS and Electric Trucks

I don't want to get into the corrupt politics of our current Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, opting to replace and "modernize" the USPS fleet of vehicles with 8MPG fossil fuel vehicles, but I'm gonna.

For those not familiar, DeJoy's USPS awarded a large contract to Oshkosh Corp. for new USPS mail trucks - you know, the ones that drive around your neighborhoods, park, and allow the mail carriers to walk their routes. The move

The findings from the USPS Inspector General are screaming out for EVs to solve this problem vs. ICE vehicles:

The average postal route requires 24 miles of driving and nearly all of them are less than 70 miles. Current technology can therefore easily satisfy USPS requirements for EV deployment, as evidenced by foreign posts and private companies already making that transition.

Seems incredible doable by today's EV standards. And with regenerative braking, even more so.

Crony Capitalism at it's worst

The Biden administration called on the Postal Service to craft a new environmental impact study and to hold a public hearing about its plan, but postal officials last month announced they would not meet those requests. (surprise!)

Some Democrats have since said the Oshkosh contract to purchase at least 50,000 new vehicles should be voided, and, that very contract is being scrutinized by Congressional Democrats due to some absolute fuckery! (surprise!)

The night before the award announcement, an unknown party purchased 524,400 shares of Oshkosh Corp. stock worth $54.2 million. According to Bloomberg News, “the size of that trade was almost as much as average daily volume in the stock in the prior year.”


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