Here's a photo post of my mid-week trip to Bardstown, Kentucky with my best friend of nearly 30 years. We left St. Louis on a Tuesday afternoon - taking my BMW i4 on it's first-ever roadtrip - and returned on Thursday evening.


Nothing exciting happened on the way down, unless you wanted to see some car charging photos. What's that? You do? Ok!

My BMW i4 charging at an Electrify America stop (Walmart in Mt. Vernon, IL)

The hotel had a destination charger, so I was able to charge back up to 80% each night, if needed. We made it back to the hotel early enough that charging was never a problem (sorry, not sorry, Tesla drivers).


We started out early enough at Heaven Hill. We got in line for their allocated release - an Elijah Craig 18 Year - and got to make friends with a man and his giant cat.

A leash-trained cat that honestly looked more like a lynx. A nice surprise at 8:30am.

After grabbing the EC18, we decided to make a break for Lux Row so I could try to find a bottle of Blood Oath Pact No. 9. Unfortunately, they didn't have the Blood Oath (sold out, had to find it secondary), but did have a Lux Row 12 Year Double Barrel Bourbon available, which was quickly purchased.

Lux Row was picturesque

We hoofed it back to Heaven Hill for a Bottle Your Own tour and tasting, where I bottled some Heaven Hill Select Stock. I can't wait to get into this bottle!

After Heaven Hill, we drove to Bardstown Bourbon for some rickhouse barrel thieving and a VIP experience.


With the BMW charged to 100%, we made our way back home - but stopped in Louisville first to visit Michter's and Peerless.

In all, it was a tremendous trip and I gained 14 additional bottles that will take me a long time to finish. I can't wait to head back to Kentucky again!

Elijah Craigs, Heaven Hill Select Stock, Lux Row, Bardstown Bourbon, Peerless, Michter's
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